Heated Gloves for outside winter shooting???

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I have issues with my hands getting cold in the winter.

I've tried massively high amount thinsulate gloves, gold metal string glove liners that are supposed to take heat from hand warmer packets and distribute throughout the hand.

No matter that I try I get cold fingers (yes, it's 3 degrees here today, but with the liners and heavy ski gloves they should not be icicles in under 5 minutes!)

So I've been looking at electric (LiIon) heated gloves. I found some somewhat cheal $140 liners, but the reviews on Amazon are horrible. I did find some from Gerbing, but unfortunately the only reviews I can find are for the 12v motorcycle gloves they also make.

This is what I'm looking at:


My other issue is size, I'm a big guy and have large hands. So need to be 2xl which in these gloves seem to be limited.

Anyone have any other suggestions before I drop $230 on a pair of gloves? I have no problem doing it, my $300 RedWing boots that are thinsulate and Gortex lined rock! I have never had an issue with cold toes or feet. But for winter shooting I can't survive with my current setup.




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    Gerbings heated clothes may work for you. These are designed for motorcycle use tho.
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    Those 7V are not, the 12V are... Those are "ski" gloves, the motorcycle gloves look almost the same.

    I found a company in Canada that makes liners and work off 12v LiIon batteries, about the same price as the Gerbing gloves, would rather have the liners so for $220 (with 2 batteries, can run on 1 if you want to run wires to both from jacket)
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    Just before Xmas I bought a pair of heated liner gloves from Blazewear in the UK - have now used them about 3 times (we've had / getting lots of rain, but nowhere near as cold as last winter)

    Since I'm often very close to water a lot of the time, I pull nitrile disposables over the top to keep them dry.
    Whilst using the Camera (1Dm3) hasn't been affected too much, altering / changing the lens focus distance limiter slide switch (EF500f4) isn't very easy / satisfactory - to the extent I'm pondering over ways of improving this.

    If it's not too cold, I still use the previous 'arrangement' - a pair of snowboarder liner gloves, then fingerless gloves, with disposables over the top as before.

    Interestingly, a motorcyclist friend has recently bought some Gerbing gear - both gloves and socks - which apart from from a couple of initial niggles (one glove half the resistance it should be, so got too hot - now replaced, no quibble - and connectors coming apart (no issue in your case) ... they appear to be 'doing the job'

    Btw I paid £85 for my liners as they were running a -15% Xmas deal ...and the Co is only about 12ml away from me, so trying was easy.


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    visit a Harley dealer, they have heated stuff, large selection
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