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Short Version: Does anyone know of a video conversion application that will search through a folder structure, locate video files and convert them to a different format (with the same name) saving the new file in the same folder?

Long Version: I've got about 150 GBs of family photos and videos all taken with P&S cameras. I have these photos and videos stored in a family photos/year/date-shoot folder structure where both photos and videos are stored in the same folder(s). Many of these videos were taken with older P&S cameras and are AVI files. The issue this creates is that while I am able to view the photos on the AppleTV, I cannot view the AVI videos.

I already have several video converstion applications (e.g. handbrake, evom, etc.), which work fine but the video files must be manually added to conversion queues. I am looking for an application that will comb through my entire family photos structure and find and covert any AVI files in place. For example, if it finds xyz.avi in a folder it will simply convert it to xyz.mp4 (or mov) saving the new files in the same folders as the original AVI files.

These are just short family videos mostly taken in VGA resolutions, so I don't need anyting fancy with a lot of options.

Any suggestions?



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    A few minutes after posting, I figured out a way to do this...

    I neglected to mention earlier that I am on Mac OSX, but I found a very simple and cool app called HandBrakeBatch which automates the conversion process somewhat by allowing you to simply check box which sets the output destination to be the same as the source.

    I then created and saved a Smart Search in Finder which locates all avi files in my Family Photos folder, then highlighted and dragged a set of avi files from the Smart Search results to the HandBrakeBatch application which added them to it's queue. Then I just clicked go and it coverted the entire test batch of avi files to m4v saving them in the same folder and leaving the avi files intact.

    Easy peasy! Problem solved. wings.gif
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    Thanks for posting back your solution. I bet others use this information for their own projects. thumb.gif
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