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...I have an old-school friend photog who's brilliant and studied...he says it's better overall to print out of photoshop. However, being the comparative newbie I'm much more Lightroom-oriented, catching-up on the PS side of things as I move along. I find the Lightroom ap much more elegant and easier to use. Are the engines between the two that different? Is there any loss of quality printing from Lightroom?
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    I print all my stuff from Lightroom and have since LR1 beta. Lightroom was made for those of us who just don't need PS. Just my ¢¢.
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    Hey Steve, thanks for your testimonial...I appreciate it, but would LOVE to get an answer to my question(s) above!iloveyou.gif
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    I don't think there is a loss in quality. I would be interested to know what folks who print in PS think one loses in LR. The LR interface is very nice--e.g., user-defined templates, a simple and effective output sharpening tool, print contrast and brightness adjustments, and user defined templates. Once I got the hang of printing from LR, I stuck with it. It's a very easy interface to use. E.g., I have print templates stored for my most common frames and card stocks, and output adjustments stored for the papers I most often use. This means that apart from soft proofing (LR will store a virtual copy for every soft proof you do, so you can easily switch among papers), it is fast and trivially easy to print as I usually do.
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    Given the fact that both Lightroom and Photoshop rely in the same internal engine to provide the core functionality (Adobe Camera Raw), there should be no difference in image quality generated from either product. The only real advantage offered by Photoshop is more capability to perform advanced editing operations.
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    Every animation student were using these latest Photoshop software and Lightroom is one of them; it makes the digital photography easier and provides multiple options to the user. I hope in near future the demands of latest photography software as well as Photoshop versions were updated.
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    I use to print in Photoshop because I thought the colors were more accurate this was with earlier versions of Lightroom. Now with my limited skills I use LR5 for printing .
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