Need a Simple Example for OAuth in Xcode

Dan CaveyDan Cavey Registered Users Posts: 8 Big grins
I was able to write my own wrapper of-sorts for the API 1.2.2, but I'm getting hung up on some of the details around doing OAuth. The links are just too generic and don't use the same language as the API 1.2.2 documentation.

Does anyone have a simple and complete example. With some descriptions of Key/APIKey Token/Secret and how to get a good Nonce?

Thanks to anyone that can help.


  • konacurrentskonacurrents Registered Users Posts: 3 Big grins
    Has there been any updates to this question. I really want to get my iOS apps working with the OAuth 2.0 approach, but cannot get example code that works. The examples out there are for the API 1.2.2 and do not work for me.

    Could SmugMug DEV publish a simple iOS app that gets past the OAuth steps and lets the coder traverse an album? That would really help the power development users of SmugMug. Your API's are nice but it's this security bootstrap step I have tried unsuccessfully to get past for a couple years.

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