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I bought this brand new last year for testing with my Nikon D5300, and for comparing against the (same sensor) Pentax K-3. It has not been used very much, as my main system is full-frame. I'll include the original paperwork, but the warranty is expired.

I'd like to get $225 for it, PP and shipping included. This lens includes a CPU chip, so even though it is manual focus you will get full aperture control with any Nikon DX camera, and even the beginner Nikons that don't natively offer AI-S compatibility will recognize the focal length and aperture!

Message me if you're interested.

BTW, you can see my review of this lens here:

(Check out the 100% crop from a wide-open f/2 image!!! It's crazy, crazy sharp!

I also found that this particular version of the lens, the one I'm selling here, has even better corner sharpness than I originally tested the previous Nikon version to be in that review. I had originally claimed that extreme corner sharpness never really got "perfect" but when I tested both of these new lenses on the Pentax and Nikon bodies recently, I found that image quality did in fact become fantastic, even in the extreme corners, by f/4 or so. And by f/8-111, this lens is truly impossible to beat.

Simply put, if you are shoting with a 24 MP crop sensor that has no AA filter, this is one of the few lenses that will allow you to truly take advantage of such resolving power. This Rokinon 16mm is so sharp, it actually helps combat diffraction that is usually highly detrimental by f/8 or f/11 on such a pixel-dense sensor.

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