Selling High School Sports Photos

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Wondering if anyone knows the legality of selling sports photos. I take them in Michigan for the newspaper and school's website and yearbook. I then post them on smug to sell. I have always had parents thrilled, but of course I now have that "one" that is upset. Does anyone know if you have to have permission to sell photos of an high school sporting event? I did take the ones down that were on fb. thank you!

First time putting something up, so I hope this isn't in the wrong spot!

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    Your poll "Legal Question regarding selling photos" and the two options, make no sense to me at all. Doesn't mean it makes no sense - just that it makes no sense TO ME.
    What is the question I am supposed to be contemplating? The two options are not alternatives.
    Totally confused by your "poll". headscratch.gif
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    The short answer is: You need to ask a lawyer in your state.

    No one here competent to offer a legal opinion is likely to offer one, and it sounds like it isn't exactly theoretical.

    You might also ask the school, as from a practical perspective the school can likely quiet the parents moreso than a legal opinion would.

    But if you want to know the legality of it really, you need to spend a bit of money on a local lawyer. And good luck figuring out one who's an expert in that area, if you are part of any local professional organizations ask around. You need someone who does this enough they don't need to spend hours or days ($$$) researching the law to answer.
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