Where can I get an open source C# sample project for SmugMug API 1.3 or 2.0?

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I'm an ASP.NET web developer who is new to SmugMug. My task is to upload photos and videos of arbitrary size in batches of up to 300 files to SmugMug from an ASP.NET webform page. Here's what I have already completed:
  • I have an ASP.NET webform project that enables a user to select multiple files from their local disk and upload them to my server in a single operation.
  • Large files are automatically chucked while uploading to work around HTTP request size limitations.
  • Progress bars appear next to thumbnails to provide feedback during an upload operation.
  • File uploads in progress can be individually cancelled.
  • The application automatically creates thumbnails of the uploaded images on the server and displays them to the user when an upload operation completes.
  • Uploaded files can be selectively deleted.
  • I have my SmugMug API key.
Now I need to invoke the SmugMug API 1.3 or 2.0 from C# 4.5 to save/delete files to SmugMug.

Here's what I've found searching the web so far for ASP.NET source code:
Neither of the above contains the class library that I am looking for. Can anyone point me to something more current than the above?


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    Last time I looked for an updated .NET wrapper, there wasn't one. Maybe you'll write the next good one? Or maybe you'd consider submitting a patch to either of the two you found so far.
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    .NET Wrapper for API 1.2.2 available from Luke Foust
    Many thanks to Luke Foust for doing such a good job on his SmugMug.Net wrapper. I discovered it by searching for "SmugMug" in NuGet.

    I later found and downloaded the source code from https://bitbucket.org/lfoust/smugmug/overview

    The VS.NET solution that Luke provides included a SmugMug.UnitTests project with 49 unit test cases for SmugMug API 1.2.2. I used VS.NET 2012's Test Explorer to execute them and they all succeeded.
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    SmugMug API 1.3.0 OO Model in C#
    Here's one that I just found that supports the 1.3.0 API:

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