Migrate old ID when uploading to Smugmug

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I'm looking for a way to store the original photo id number when transferring photos to Smugmug.

I had been looking for a way to preserve my collection of photos on an old copy of Gallery (Menalto open source). Upgrading Gallery wasn't working or even fun anymore and I decided on Smugmug for longterm storage. I tried a couple of the tools on the third party page: Smuglr, Migratr and Gallery Album to SmugMug) but they didn't work either because of version differences, wouldn't transfter captions or they simply didn't work.

So I wrote my own program on top of Colin Seymour's PHP wrapper (phpSmug). After cleaning up my old gallery (no albums within albums, etc.) I transferred all the albums over with directory structure, titles and captions (not as easy as all that, but I got it).

I'm using images_uploadFromURL with an array containing the parameters. I easily add the Gallery Id number to pass to Smugmug. I've tried , , etc. as spec'd in the API docs and I've tried just adding another value .

But the information does not come back when I do an images_get or images_getInfo APIs.

I'm using PHP API 1.3.0. Would V2 have anything for me?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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