High Speed Photography book

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Has anybody read this book?

I'm looking at it with interest.


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    Welcome to Dgrin, Zephod!

    That particular book gets horrible reviews on Amazon. Have you seen this one?

    Quote: "This extremely short tome, was clearly written by someone who clearly has little experience with the subject. What few example photographs provided in the book are of extremely poor quality and clearly take with standard flash units. The information provided on true high speed flash such as Edgerton's was plagiarized from various web sources, including several well documented errors with a couple of the plagiarized circuit diagrams."

    Granted that was for the "first edition", but there's only one review for the second edition which isn't much better here.

    I'd probably keep looking.
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    Whilst there will be many other accomplished practitioners around these days, this guy did an immense amount of pioneering work - especially with Oxford Scientific Films.


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    I've read it, it's a good read. The images aren't great but the instructions are very clear for you to understand; I would definitely recommend it to improve your knowledge in this area, I would say it's more aimed towards beginners though.
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