smugmug.images.changeSettings: quoting caption/keywords

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What's the right way to pass the Caption and Keywords strings in smugmug.images.changeSettings? I'm using 1.2.2, and it seems to be OK with a single-quote for Keywords, but doing that or double-quotes with Caption truncates it.

GET /hack/rest/1.2.2/?method=smugmug.images.changeSettings ... &Caption='This is a caption' ...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><rsp stat="ok">

But looking at the image in Smugmug, or fetching the info, shows the caption as 'This (with an opening quote and the first word, but nothing else)

I notice that when uploading, each attribute is in its own header. For example, when calling, the caption is passed as
X-Smug-Caption: 'This is a caption' which works fine.


  • oceanboyoceanboy Big grins San DiegoRegistered Users Posts: 20 Big grins
    edited April 24, 2014
    Duh! Need to URL encode
    (imitating Homer Simpson) D'oh! I need to URL encode the caption and keywords since they're passed as URL parameters, not separate headers.
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