Under the Black Rose (Nude/Model Galina)

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This is the first photograph from my new serie "Under the black rose" with the gorgeous Galina. More about to come :D

• Everything you see in this photograph is very real as it should be. The giant black rose are made of paper (whose diameter is over 1.2 meter long) by my fantastic Thu Thuy! Fog was created with smoking bomb.

• The ancient Romans used to place a wild rose on the door of room where secret or confidential matters were discussed. The phrase "sub rosa" or "under the rose", derived from this practice, means to keep a secret.

• In the 19th century, the language of flowers became popular. In this code black roses to most people signify death but they are also symbolic of rebirth and rejuvenation.

Model: Galina
MUA: Galina & Thu Thuy.
Photographer: Anh Tu Nguyen Photography


UNDER THE BLACK ROSE Pt. I by Anh Tu Nguyen Photography, on Flickr


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