Uploaded videos are shrunk drastically

oceanboyoceanboy Registered Users Posts: 20 Big grins
In testing my uploading utility, I noticed that a video file is changed after uploading.

My local copy has:
MD5 hash: dcf4df33ba7375fdb57f7adcdc58a7d2
file size: 901,384,32 (90 MB)

After uploading, in the album, the file has:
MD5 hash: b1aad449121f76ea7eebe455ff395d87
file size: 153,460 (153k)

Further, the caption is lost after uploading (although the keywords remain).

There are no errors; the upload is successful. The video file in the album is the correct duration.


  • AllenAllen Registered Users Posts: 10,010 Major grins
    edited April 30, 2014
    My last video file upload I opened the original directly from my 7D in WinMed player and it looked great.
    The uploaded version is vastly degraded on Smug whether in the gallery or in lightbox selecting the
    highest rez size.

    Edit: there's also a huge pause in the video that is not in the original.
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