[API] smugmug.images.get with Password not working

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Hi, i'm writing an android app that make use of smugmug for showing my images,
I have several albums both public and private

i'm using the json version of the API

i can easily get the list of albums

eg: http://api.smugmug.com/services/api/json/1.3.0/smugmug.albums.get?APIKey=YIrxyQ40Qw2dUvZiz1uvswVRc69BRIOa&method=smugmug.albums.get&NickName=fotoboxeventi&AlbumID=38800893&AlbumKey=253ZNn

and as easy as the first call i can get the list of images for a public album

eg: http://api.smugmug.com/services/api/json/1.3.0/smugmug.images.get?APIKey=YIrxyQ40Qw2dUvZiz1uvswVRc69BRIOa&method=smugmug.images.get&NickName=fotoboxeventi&AlbumID=15741329&AlbumKey=fRm7bV

but when i want to get the list of photos for a protected album i'm not being able to make it work

could somebody tell me how i have to pass the password?

setting either the pass to the Password or SitePassword parameter is not working

eg: http://api.smugmug.com/services/api/json/1.3.0/smugmug.images.get?APIKey=YIrxyQ40Qw2dUvZiz1uvswVRc69BRIOa&method=smugmug.images.get&NickName=fotoboxeventi&AlbumID=38800893&AlbumKey=253ZNn&SitePassword=qweasd&Password=qweasd

how would you do??

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