Twin Girls Separated

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Umm, I don't think I actually belong here...I was just looking for a high quality image to use as a book cover. I'm a writer not a photographer, although I love pictures. What i had in mind was a picture I found of identical red headed twin girls that was taken back in the '60's. Is it possible to get permission to use that photo? Will it be sharp enough? And...would anyone know how to "tear" it apart to make it look like the girls are separated? The book is about twin girls that were separated as newborns. :scratch


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    You'll need to contact the photographer or gallery owner directly to inquire about rights for using the photo. You'll then want to contact someone with great photoshop skills to help with any editing and processing needed. There are folks here on the Dgrin forum who may be able to help. :)

    If you need anything else, please let us know.

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