Advice on pricing Smugmug. Help!

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I tried going online and I am at a loss for how much to mark up on Smugmug. The default is 400%. I don't want to charge so little I am not taken seriously but I don't want to rip anyone off or pretend I am more established than reality serves.

I am an amateur photographer but through the years I have been able to obtain some shots I hope have enough value to sell. I don't make my major income with photography and have yet to purchase a high end SLR but I have gotten by. The default is 400% and I have seen justification for that online but my gut tells me it is too much! I know there is a lot behind the scenes. I know it is personal preference but I would love to know everyone's opinion.

Any advice? Anything?


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    There are plenty of discussions in this forum on pricing. I would encourage you to do a search in this forum for "pricing" in the title of threads.

    Here are links to a few recent threads on pricing:
    Pricing Threads
    Pricing Suggestion
    Pricing Conundrum in the Digital Age

    There are many more...

    --- Denise
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    There is simply no set answer. The answer is: whatever the market YOU are serving will bear. What is it you are trying to sell? how are you marketing your site to potential buyers? Are you marketing to local clients or to anyone on the internet who is just searching smugmug?
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    Simple. Find a pro in your area offering your type of services, who has online ordering or price lists, and copy their prices. Undercut them a bit to show you are less experienced.

    An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.
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    thank you, will do.
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