FS: Sigma 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 EX DG OS for Nikon Cameras

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I'm selling off my old faithful Sigma 80-400mm lens. This has been a great lens for me for the last few years. I bought this back when I was doing freelance photography for the newspapers and wanted to get close shots of crime scenes/accidents/etc... and it worked very well. I than started using it for sports photos (Softball mainly) and took it with me to the Jones Beach air show a few years back. It's produced some great photos.

I just upgraded my body to a FX style as my old body was a DX... and you'd think "hey great you can really use that lens now" I've actually found it sitting in the bag more and more since I have a Nikon 24-300mm that seems to do just fine for me. So I'll be selling off this lens. I don't REALLY want to but I'm not using it and could use the cash to pay for the new body.

This lens has been taken care of. The only real wear shown is the lens cover, because it's what protected the lens basically in my bag and was always the part that got taken off/on.

The optics appear to be in pristine condition.

You get what is pictured. I HAVE the box/bag SOMEWHERE but I can't for the life of me find it (I moved a year ago and can't seem to find it). I KNOW it's here somewhere so I promise I'll do my best to FIND the box and the bag so you'll get those as well. At the very least the bag IS here somewhere as I kept it in the bag in my safe usually.

I'm asking $700 plus shipping (exact to wherever you are) for this lens. Here are some photos.









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