Nikon 28 mm F1.8G--cheapest and lightest gold ring--only for $440

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Bought this lens from Buydig on October 03, 2013. Still in USA warranty (I extended it to 5 years). With original package and everything in it, except some wrapping, perhaps. I have several 67 mm lenses, so the lens cap may be not the original one.

Show little sign of wear, especially at the golden "AF-S" (a little fade). Glass is clear. A Hoya UV filter included. Can send the pictures to serious buyers.

Reason to sell: I bought it for shooting my baby girl, who is almost 4 year-old. But recently my family travels a lot. This lens (together with my DX D5200) is not wide enough. I missed a lot scenes. Sold it for the money to get a decent standard zoom lens (such as 17-55). Really had a good time with it.

Ask for $440. I'm in Seattle, WA, local transaction preferred. May apply some S&H fee when using paypal & USPS. New to the forum, actually not familiar with the process.


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    change my mind, don't want to sell it again.
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