Looking for a Backpack for trip to Kenya

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My husband and I are heading to Kenya soon and will need to travel light as we are taking things to a school and an orphanage before spending a few days on safari in Masai Mara.

My husband will be using my Canon 7D with his 100-400 lens while we are on safari. He really likes to travel light and currently has a Lowepro Computer Trekker AW but doesn't really need something that bulky. He doesn't like sling/messenger bags but might be OK with a holster style bag. Any suggestions for the 7D + 100-400 lens?

I have a Lowepro Flipside 300 which is a good size for me to carry around but I plan to bring 2 camera bodies on this trip - 4ti and 60D - using one with a 70-300 lens and one with a wider, faster lens. I will be taking a couple of other small lenses and an external flash as well. I am fine with a back pack or sling style - whatever will might be relatively compact and protect the gear while also giving me relatively quick access.

We can use the backpacks we have - especially if my husband carries a couple of lenses for me - but wondering whether we can travel with a little less bulk and/or weight while carting this stuff around. Any suggestions?

We are flying Qatar airlines and after checking their luggage allowance, I'm not sure how much leeway we will have with carry-on luggage. (We will not be flying on any small planes to get to Masai Mara, so that's not an issue.)

Been researching this for a while and would welcome input from others.

Thank you!


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    There are some suggestions from yesterday in bike21's thread Travel backpack? that you might find useful.

    I use an F-Stop Loka and have been very happy with it. There are now two versions of the pack, the Loka and the Loka UL (UL is for ultra-lightweight) with the UL being released just last month.

    The F-Stop bags are interesting in that they open from the back. That means you can leave the hip belt fastened, slide the shoulder straps off and pull the bag to the front. That leaves you full access to the compartment holding the camera and lenses. Here's a link to the review I posted on my blog - http://denisegoldberg.blogspot.com/2012/04/gear-review-f-stop-loka.html.

    The bag fits in the overhead compartment of planes. If you are in a bind and there is no overhead space you could pull the camera container (ICU) out of the bag and place it under the seat.

    --- Denise
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    Thanks, Denise. I did skim bike 21's thread and your review of F-stop Loka. Glad you found something that works so well for you! I think we will want something a little more compact. The Lowepro Flipside also opens from the back which is handy if one needs to set it down on a dusy (or muddy) surface in Kenya or somewhere and then wear it again....

    My husband's gear would fit in the Lowepro Flipside just fine, saving a bit of room and weight. Wondering how much I could fit in a Tenba Photo Backpack Mini if I utilized the top portion for a 2nd camera body with small prime. But I also looked at the f stop Kenti. It is a little heavier than the Tenba but is otherwise comparable in size. Looks like a nice bag but the price is significantly higher than either the Lowepro or Tenba.

    Cheapest way to go (other than use what we have) would be to get a Lowepro Flipside 200 for the 7d + 100-400 and very little else. And then put my gear in the 300.

    Thanks again!
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