Sekonic L478dr & TT5, AC3, 580EXII & photogenic eclipse

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We have arrived!

The one big shoot comes together after a year learning curve.

Long story short.
I upgraded lightmeters from the L358 to the L478DR. OUCH! to use with my TT5s, MINI, 580EXII....

To my astonishment everything worked as follows:
set up 2 580EXIIs, 2-TT5, on @-impact light stands, with 2-BOLT battery packs and another 580EXII setup in the false ceiling using a MAnfrotto super clamp as a kicker hair light.
speedlights are TRGGER only.
powered everything on. I wanted to shoot at f8, 200th @ISO400 so I went and metered and adjusted each light with the L478dr-SHWEET!

came back shot the EXPO DISK on manual focus so the histogram read about 50% and used that as my custom WB. Shot the color checker passport-blamm.

That was it. locked the settings on the light meter & the controls on the 5DmarkIII and shot 378 images in 2.5 hours.

Minimal time in post. It was a relief not having to futz with WB or color since the exposure was pretty near where I wanted it. I mentioned the AC3 and I discovered I can have the best of both worlds and can completely shut off a zone(s) during a shoot or turn one on and have 2 setups on the same shoot!

I struggled last year trying to get this thing to work and it turned out that one of the speed lights had a hotshoe issue and Sekonic or pocket wizard fixed it for for me.....

a great system!!!!


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    Excellent. Thanks for your impressions and review. thumb.gif
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