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Hi everyone,

Any suggestions on a big screen tv for my sales room? I know a projector seems to be a very convenient and preferred choice by lots of photographers, but my budget will only allow me about 1k including the software to display the portraits and sales session.

Tips, tv suggestions, etc.. highly welcome specially from those of you who may be using or have use one of the other methods.

Thank you so much for your guidance.


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    Well, I just spent 2 weeks researching TVs to go in my edit suite. A couple of years ago I got a Samsung 55" bit it was in the Magnolia level and about $3k. I wanted something more budget minded this time. After shopping Samsung, LG (my top choice), Panasonic, Vizio, and Sharp, my choices came down to Vizio and LG.

    In the end, I picked up Vizio's top of the line 50". You could get the 55" for $1k out the door. Nice TV, audio is horrible, but that shouldn't matter for your needs. If it does, get a sound bar. Vizio makes an "E" line (economy) and an M line. Get the M. They are thin, have plenty of inputs, can take a USB stick, have great smart apps, etc. Best deal for the money in my view.

    If you can't go with the Vizio, Samsungs are top rated but I just didn't want another one. LGs are excellent as well and have passive 3D like the Vizio which I prefer. May not matter to you, but might be fun to drop on a 3D movie if you've got kids around. Glasses are cheap too at a few bucks a pair.
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    Thanks Perroneford for your reply. I ended up purchasing the 55" LG TV. I still need the cable to connect to my imac, but the colors look amazing and it is very sharp. The audio is horrible as well, and i may have to invest in a sound bar. I paid $800 for mine, it is not smart or has 3D capabilities. I wanted to go higher for it, but I had a limited budget since I am also purchasing ProSelect. Thank you so much for your time in replying to my post :)

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