Need help in Morton PA

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This will sound strange, but I am asking help from my Digital Grin friends.

I have a very good friend, high school buddy, best man, fishing buddy, etc. Who is afraid, fears, doesn't understand e-mail. He does on occasion use the internet to look up things.

Please don't laugh, he is a wonderful person and far from stupid.

I live in CA and I can't send him anything! I have to call and try to verbally describe what ever it is.

I would like to arrange to have someone go over to his house and show him how to use his e-mail.

Once there I think you will have a great time teaching him. A woman would be ideal. Since he is a little older like myself he will be more polite and respectful with a female, :D although a guy would be just fine as well.

I am willing to pay, barter etc.

Please PM or give me a call if you can help.

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