Apple is killing Aperture

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RIP Aperture. It may have been a bit behind Lightroom in terms of editing tools and such, but it was a vastly superior DAM tool and I love using this software.


This new "Photos for OS-X" better be damn good to make this worthwhile. Otherwise I'll switch to Lightroom. But I just do NOT see a whole photos in the cloud thing working, not until the US gets fast internet speeds.
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    mercphoto wrote: »
    But I just do NOT see a whole photos in the cloud thing working, not until the US gets fast internet speeds.

    Are you suggesting that you have to have your photo's "in the cloud" to use Lightroom? Lightroom is available as a stand alone program. I am a Photoshop CC/Lightroom subscriber. The only time I use the cloud is when updates are available for download.
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    Yea it's too bad but Apple has been neglecting Aperture for awhile now.

    From what I see Creative Cloud is better but I won't pay a monthly bill for it. After one year it costs more than Aperture?

    I have a feeling Photos for OSX will be a step up from iPhoto but a step down from Aperture..
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    I've used Aperture until my iMac died and switched to PC and Lightroom. Now I'm thinking about switching to Capture One Pro 7, since it's on sale for $149.00 and if you enter the code "FPC110" at checkout you can get an additional 10% off. Go to http://www.phaseone.com/en/Imaging-Software/Capture-One-Pro-7.aspx
    to check it out. If it looks like something you'd like to give a try, then click on the green button that says give Capture One a try, and download a 60 day free trial.


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    I was really annoyed when this news was first released, but now see reason for hope.

    What Apple is creating is a framework for the back end - that other developers can hook into. There is no requirement that you use the Cloud (you can still have a primary Mac with loads of local/removable storage - as likely suits many pros).

    Aperture will continue to function well into the release of Photos. With a little luck, Photos will (eventually. don't expect it to be full-featured on first release) provide everything (and more) that Aperture provides now.

    But whether Photos delivers or not, ultimately we will be able to access our photo libraries through apps created by others, so even if Photos disappoints there is the chance that we will have greater freedom.

    In other words, no reason to choose Lightroom (unless you like it), because there may be equal/better tools that access our existing libraries. You will be able to change tools without migrating your data.

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