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So my old boss made me a good deal and in the deal I ended up with a Cambo Shooting Table and Perspex Plate. The plate is broken a bit towards the bottom (about a 1' corner broke off). I may be able to use it still but I believe it might be all dinged up/marked up from the years of use (it's 12 years old). It's gone through abuse and many warehouses.

Looking online they want over $600 for a new plate ( can anybody make a recommendation to replace it. Something a little less expensive (under $100 i'm hoping).

I was hoping for something a bit more flexible as this thing is NOT the easiest to move around. I had a helluva time rolling it up to move it as it was. It's very thick stuff but I don't plan on shooting anything that requires something so heavy guage.


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    Some years ago I specified and helped build a 4' x 8', open-back shooting table. For the top, I specified a clear plexiglass/acrylic and placed a large sheet of plastic drafting film on top when I needed some diffusion and when I wanted to protect the top.

    I don't remember the thickness of the plexiglass/acrylic, but it did bow with heavier items. To counter for some of the bow I had both a stiff metal prop rod and a piece of clear acrylic rod.

    The prop rod was painted black and could be positioned where needed. The acrylic rod was placed between the rear verticals and helped to reduce the bow at the back of the table (which was normally open and unsupported due to the open-back design.)

    I suggest going out to a local lumber yard and looking at their plexiglass/acrylic sheet to determine a suitable thickness for a replacement plate. Since you already have the original plate, you can decide if a thinner sheet is suitable for the products you intend to place on the table.
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