Eyewear Retainers: Cablz vs Croakies vs Neckz

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I just started my first course in photography, and we will be spending a lot of time out in the Sun during th class. I have a pair of Navy blue Raybans that I wear during the class, but I don't want to worry about them when I am shooting.

In all of Joseph Linashke's videos, I see him wearing an eyewear retainer. This seems like a perfect solution for outdoor photography! I have found three brands that I like: Cablz, Croakies, and Neckz. I was wondering if anyone on the board had any experience with any of these (or other) retainers, and if you would recommend them?


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    I have used Croakies for exercise/sports. They work well, do not irritate my ears, and do not pull on my hair. The do change the angle that your glasses rest at (they raise the back of your glasses a little), but that didn't cause any problems. I have not used the others.
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