Weekly Word Challenges Rules

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Here is a fun way to challenge you. The pictures must be fresh. Anyone on dgrin can participate including moderators. I will post a weekly list of 5 words. Use the word as part of the title. The images can be taken on any given day during that week. So if you only have one day to shoot during the time frame, you can shoot all the words for the corresponding week.

You are to take a picture that reflects the word in some form. There will be no judging. Commenting on other's photos is fine as long as its constructive. Post editing is allowed also.

Since the words will be given in a list, you can work ahead for the week. So simple.

Please keep all your images in 1 reply post. So if you plan on posting an image a day, you can add another image for another day by using the edit in you reply box and add another picture. Also, if you can only do one or two of the days, that is ok too. You do not have to do all the words if your not able too, but definitely challenge yourself to try and get them all done!

If you would like to post some of your images for a particular word to get help from others on this board, do so by starting a new post all together on the challenge forum. Then you can enter the best picture on the entry thread for that particular week.

This is just a fun exercise, you can use any type of camera, even a cell phone. Each week the list will be posted and stuck at the top of the forum page, you will enter your images on that post.

Have fun!


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    Interesting challenge to add to the Alphabet and Dgrin Challenge. Too late, already for Tuesday's word, by the rules. Needing Fresh images will be challenging for the earlier days of the week, for busy shooters. :D

    Let's see how it goes.


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  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKSuper Moderators Posts: 7,447 moderator
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    Good point Don. Maybe I should change it and give only 5 days of words and say the photos must be fresh within that week of time, then they will have the other two days for posting and commenting or catching up on days they might have missed? That way, for those photographers that can do the daily thing, can do so and those who like to the last minute or have busy schedules, they can have some breathing room to catch up. Its all meant as a fun exercise of our skills. Sound like a better plan?

    Edit: OK I have changed the rules a bit to help this be even easier.
  • sapphire73sapphire73 Major grins PennsylvaniaRegistered Users Posts: 1,702 Major grins
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    Sorry not have contributed any photos this time around for the weekly word challenge (week 4). Very busy these last days of summer.... And I am not very good about taking daily photos.
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