Cancelation with unsigned contract (Ontario law)

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I see a lot of "Consumer Protection" but not much on "Business Protection" I am looking more for Ontario law as I have a client that here that paid her downpayment 9 months ago and now claims they have broken up and the wedding is off. Sure you can say that I have her downpayment and that all I get. Here is the kicker, sure they were to marry in 2 months but they bring this notice to me 3 weeks after they were to pay her 2nd install, so they were late. On top of that when they were to pay when did their esession. In her email of "wedding off" she hopes that I can send her the images that I not only posted but also the rest.

I use shootq and when I ran her cc through and set up her portal obviously I provided her with the contract that she has yet to sign as well as receipts and such. I am looking for any advice from someone who has gone through something like this and any info on where I can find recourse via Ontario law.



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