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Selling off 3 good lenses that i no longer use, to make space for something else.

First is my Nikon 17-35 2.8 with lens hood. This lens works great, sharp, focuses instantly, has a slight motor squeak for the first couple of shots. I'm asking $900 obo

Next up is my 50mm 1.2 Ai S with a metal lens cap. This lens was purchased brand new by the previous owner, barely used, and barely used by me. I threw all the boxes and papers away but this lens hat probably less than 50 clicks on it. I know if this sells, i'll regret it, so i'm listing it at $400 FIRM.

Last is my Bower/Rokinon 8mm fish eye lens. This little lens is amazing, better than the Nikon 2.8 fisheye in my opinion. it's a really fun lens to use, extremely sharp and easy to manual focus. It's a DX/Crop frame lens, and i'm to lazy to switch my fx camera into cropped mode.... I bought it brand new for about $350, i will part with it for $200.

I have done business in these forums before, I am a US Marine, and I'm not out to steal anyone's money. I will post photos a little later. Anyone interested in purchasing, or questions, e-mail [email protected] for a faster response.
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