Mini-Challenge #191: Music and Sound - Results

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Firstly I would like to thank everyone for taking part, a tricky subject for sure, and I really enjoyed seeing the photos and interpretations.

Firstly a couple of photos on which I would like to comment - not because I am claiming any expertise, or that they are any better or worse than the others.


I really like this photo simply because it fits the bill and each time I see it, it really makes me smile!
A joy.


Eric - I think all three of your shots are great. Just a suggestion on this one though. I am wondering if the accordion top surface was darkened a little it would help keep the viewers attention more centrally in the shot. A very nice still life though. Your guitarist is great too.

On to my choices ...

3rd Place - Plink - by WhatSeeSaw

I like the style of this photo. For me it is a pattern shot and so has been sensibly and very stylishly converted into monochrome to avoid the distraction of colour. These type of shots are generally very difficult to crop - yours works very well. Each of those ripples is a sound - and I can hear it. A really great interpretation - well done.

2nd Place - Untitled No 2 - by Chandlerja.

I like the energy and excitement conveyed in this shot. A very good angle and I can really hear that trombone. I suspect she could really belt it out and you might have been deafened where you were positioned. Great shot.

1st Place - Parade Rest - by Earache (Eric)

A lovely capture and a very nice angle that really works for me. I love to see the musical instruments lined up in a shallow depth of field that works. The warm tones really help too (I would perhaps de-saturate the background blues just a little) Although I would class this as a musical "still life" shot within the scope of this mini, the implied silence (lack of sound) in this shot conveys emotion - possibly tension, or respectful serenity depending on how I look at it. A superb shot.

So well done Eric and over to you for the next one - I will PM you.

Once again - Well done everyone ... not the easiest of rounds.



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    Congrats, Eric!

    Thanks for the comments and the 3rd place, Alan!
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    Thanks so much for the pick Alan and props to the other winners and submitters, though few you were...
    I appreciate the critique and suggestions on my images - I most certainly agree, and I think it's great to have an experienced eye on our work
    and receive thoughtful, constructive comments - this helps us grow as photogs... Thanks Alan!
    I thought it was a great theme, and I hope more folks will participate in the weeks to come... maybe as summer vacations wind-down?
    Next MC will be up soon.
    Eric ~ Smugmug
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    Yes it is a shame there appears to be fewer and fewer submissions into these minis - I really enjoy seeing other peoples work.
    Hopefully things will pick up again.

    On the critique side I once again claim no expertise. I have attended and participated in many competitions judged live over the years, tried to learn from them and
    have tried to adopt a simple philosophy - What within the frame is strengthening the (your) image concept and by selective post development can it be
    re-enforced, and what detracts and can that be de-emphasised. Everyone I've encountered in this forum are equally capable of commenting on our
    photos and quite often I get too close to mine that I simply miss the obvious - I always welcome input, I only hope others like yourself feel the same way.


    PS - I also appreciate not everyone "post develops" their photos, and in no way suggesting they have to.
    PPS - Before anyone quite rightly admonishes me a little, I do also believe in trying to get as much right as possible when the shutter is pressed - but we don't always have a full say in the conditions!
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