Mini-Challenge #192 - Repeat, Repeat

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Hi Folks.
The theme for Mini-Challenge #192 is: Repeat
Repetition is an oft' employed compositional device - that I happen to like - and I think it makes for interesting, sometimes abstract, and sometimes unexpected images.

Please use your imaginations and be as creative as you wish... repetitions of shape, color, objects, ideas etc., etc., are all qualified.
This is a pretty wide-open concept with the hope of catching your interest - as always, Good Luck!

Time period for this Mini will be: Today, August 21 thru Friday, September 5 - 9:00 pm PST (California) ~ just a bit over 2 weeks.

Cheers! Cheers!

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Usual Stuff:

1. Have fun sharing and seeing what others share!
2. The host supplies a topic and YOU POST 1-3 IMAGES. The host judges the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and is not eligible to enter. The 1st place winner becomes the next host, chooses the next topic and becomes the next judge.
3. Any photo you’ve taken is eligible, regardless of when taken or camera used.
4. Any amount of post-processing is allowed. However, it is helpful if you list your camera and lens along with your photo.
5. You may comment on other contestant's images. If you want someone to leave you some critique or criticism, just ask within your post.
6. The winner has up to three days (72 hours) to begin a new mini-challenge, or the honor goes to the #2 finisher and so forth.

1. Enter 1-3 photos and put them in a single post.
2. Either embed your image in the thread or, if you must, supply a link to it. Keep in mind, however, most people don't want to click to open photos hosted elsewhere (i.e. on your website).
3. Also try and resize your photos prior to posting so they're sized appropriately for viewing without having to scroll (~800 pixels on the longest side works best.)
4. Give each image you enter a title.
5. Enjoy discussion with members about their images, don't let this just be an entry thread!
6. When quoting a post, change the IMG urls to a 200x200 size picture so it is clear your post is feedback and not another entry. (See here for help).
7. Don't be hesitant; share 'em and enter!

Mini-Challenge pointers:
1. Upon winning a mini-challenge round, your first step is coming up with a new theme and starting a new thread using the same format as others have used.
2. Make sure to notify the admin of this thread to update the main thread links with your entry thread.
3. Feel free to watch the thread as it grows or wait to the end time and look at all the entries all at once.
4. After the time/date has passed, then officially close the thread with a single post notifying everyone of the fact.
5. After you're finished judging, start a new thread (again using the prior formats) and post your Winner and runners-up. It is important to have runners up in case the winner does not show within the 72-hour window.
6. PM the winner with this info above and let them know they have 72 hours to set up the next mini-challenge.
7. If the winner does not show/start the next mini-challenge after 72 hours, notify the next runner-up and post a message on the Winner thread of the fact.
8. Remember, if you're the Winner, you run the next mini challenge!

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Double Dutch


Eric ~ Smugmug


  • JeroenJeroen Woof Posts: 447Registered Users Major grins
    edited August 24, 2014
    Really like the Ronald Reagans :)
  • JeroenJeroen Woof Posts: 447Registered Users Major grins
    edited August 24, 2014
    I'm new to the Dgrin Challenges but here you go :)

    1. DS's


    2. Bikes (with a Minolta Autocord on Provia 100).


    3. Queen's Day at the Vondelpark.

  • ShootingStarShootingStar Major grins le HavrePosts: 145Registered Users Major grins
    edited August 25, 2014
    Let's have a try

    1. Somewhere in Sydney

    2. Double repeat

    3. Roman ruins
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  • EaracheEarache Unsharp and Oversaturated SO CALPosts: 3,533Registered Users Major grins
    edited August 25, 2014
    Jeroen wrote: »
    I'm new to the Dgrin Challenges but here you go :)

    Welcome to the Mini-Challenge(s) Jeroen... thanks for submitting images! wave.gif
    Eric ~ Smugmug
  • grandmaRgrandmaR Major grins Southern Maryland Posts: 1,717Registered Users Major grins
    edited August 25, 2014
    I wanted to find some food pictures, but I found these first


    From one cruise ship to another across the pier - in St Maartin 2011


    Fort Pulaski - 2005


    Kingshill Cemetery in St. Croix (Veteran's section) 2014
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  • CHANDLERJACHANDLERJA Light Seeker Posts: 400Registered Users Major grins
    edited August 26, 2014
    1. Jets


    2. Ducks


    3. Church

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  • kdotaylorkdotaylor Major grins Posts: 1,263Registered Users Major grins
    edited August 26, 2014
    #1 Quack and Quack

    #2 Toothpicks

    #3 Petals
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  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKPosts: 7,079Super Moderators moderator
    edited August 27, 2014
    Eric, this is a great challenge. I love pattern and repeats in images. There are some awesome entries thus far, but I would like to just play along. Please do not consider mine in your judging, this is just for fun. Thanks!

    1. Containers on a barge going through the Panama Canal:

    2. Z gas at Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

    3. This is one of the forts in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I just do not remember which one
  • Alans GrinAlans Grin Major grins Posts: 346Registered Users Major grins
    edited August 28, 2014
    Love the photos so far.

    I'm afraid I cannot compete because of timings and travel commitments so please do not consider these as judging entries, but simply as (possibly) adding interest...

    1) Satellite Dish - Singapore


    2) Power Grid - Kent UK


    3) Stoa of Attalos - Athens


    Despite not being entries, constructive advice or critisism feedback always welcome - or perhaps just as an HM!

  • EaracheEarache Unsharp and Oversaturated SO CALPosts: 3,533Registered Users Major grins
    edited August 29, 2014
    Thanks so much Joyce and Alan, for sharing your pics - they're all fantastic!! clap.gif
    It's a darn cryin' shame they can't be entries! :cry
    Eric ~ Smugmug
  • wizardrywizardry Major grins Posts: 142Registered Users Major grins
    edited September 1, 2014
    I'll try :)

    I only have 1 image unfortunately...

  • DonRicklinDonRicklin Polysemaniac! Worcester, MA, USAPosts: 5,551Registered Users Major grins
    edited September 4, 2014
    1) New Rails for EcoTarium

    2) Kaiaks Galore

    3)of three types


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  • EaracheEarache Unsharp and Oversaturated SO CALPosts: 3,533Registered Users Major grins
    edited September 5, 2014
    Last day for the Mini Folks!

    Repeat - Last day for... well, you know! mwink.gif
    Eric ~ Smugmug
  • WhatSheSawWhatSheSaw Major grins Posts: 2,221Registered Users Major grins
    edited September 5, 2014
    1 Fort Pitt Bridge

    2 Naval Undersea Museum

    3 Sunflower

  • EaracheEarache Unsharp and Oversaturated SO CALPosts: 3,533Registered Users Major grins
    edited September 6, 2014
    Mini is closed (for some reason, I kept thinking it was today, not yesterday) - thanks to all who submitted pics... They are all really fantastic and it'll be so hard to choose!
    Results up asap...
    Eric ~ Smugmug
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