Dual Camera Strap

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Hi, can anyone suggest me a good camera strap to support two camera's namely Nikon D7000 and nikon D610.


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  • FiddlestixFiddlestix Registered Users Posts: 145 Major grins
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    I use Blackrapid's single camera strap but this one may interest you:

    Images from SE Asia - some like it HOT

  • rolandgomes14rolandgomes14 Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
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    thank you Mr. Fidlestix & Mr. Doctor it

    I already own a carryspeed sling strap but its base plate doesn't fit my D610. I need a Dual Strap as it saves a lot of trouble during weddings and parties.
    I am considering the BlackRapid strap..
  • kdogkdog Administrators Posts: 11,680 moderator
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    I recently switched from the CarrySpeed to the Optech dual harness. I use both Optech and Canon CPS single-straps on my cameras and both of them have Fastex buckles which are the same as used on the Optech dual harness. So you can disconnect the neck-pad from the single camera strap from a camera and plug it into your dual harness is seconds. Since the camera is held by the normal camera strap mounts, there's no plate on the bottom of your camera so it doesn't mess up your tripod mount, plus there's nothing to come loose. No need for safety straps. Plus your camera isn't hanging upside-down which I never really liked and caused flash modifiers to fall off. All that and it's just a fraction of the price of the Black Rapid dual strap.


    Thanks to Ziggy for recommending this strap in another thread.
  • divamumdivamum Registered Users Posts: 9,021 Major grins
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    Optech for the win! I prefer having them strapped separately so they don't swing, but use one on the cross-body, longer strap, and the other around my neck. Works really well for me :)
  • lightyearlightyear Registered Users Posts: 185 Major grins
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    If you haven't solved the problem, more info: I use two Optech straps, different lengths and different colors ( red short, black long) which works well for me, since it is easy to take off either when I don't need it.
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