what are the perks of belonging to PPA?

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What are the perks? They list some on the splash page but I was wondering what they really have to offer?

Ive heard they offer free legal advice, but I don't see any mention of that on their page.

Ive also heard they offer limited insurance, but again I don't see any mention of that.

I would love to hear everyone's experiences with them. :)


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    A couple of years ago I tried going after more portrait business and thought it would be smart to have some insurance.... I did not exactly join the PPA as a member I recall, but bought a small insurance plan for 1 year... it was a little over $300. It was to cover me for any incidents while doing portraits... like booms falling on clients and the like.... I thankfully never had cause for a claim.... and since I just don't have time to worry about the portrait business, I gave up my insurance after the year was up.

    I know a fellow photog who is a member and proudly displays so, like credentials or the like... nobody seems to know or care what that's all about, but it makes her feel better or more classy as a professional photographer so......

    I can't say that I saw becoming a member was worth the cost of the membership for myself, but others may heartily disagree and give enough information to show why it's a smart thing to do. As for me and my landscapes... I don't think it really is worth bothering with.

    I will follow this thread to see what others say, hopefully you get better info than what I gave and we'll all learn something from it.


    Lee Wiren
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