Ballpark figure on a price for images to a business

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The owner of a motocross race team would like to purchase images of his riders from this season's race events. The images are already taken, he viewed them on my smugmug site and would like to purchase 60 images. He wants to purchase hi res digital images which I normally sell for $8 each which comes to $480. I haven't spoken directly to him yet, just a few emails back and forth. But I would assume these images, at least some will be used commercially in advertising his company. Being that they would be used commercially I would think they would be worth more then the normal $8 each. Can someone give me an idea on how much they are worth???
As I said we haven't spoken directly yet so any input or question I should ask when we speak would be appreciated.
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    Had a look at your site. Nice images.

    I would ask him what he intends to do with the images. Lets say he plans on using them for advertizing on his site or in adds. That would put the pricing into a commercial license category. Substantially higher than the $8.00 personal use license.

    What to charge will depend on the use.

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