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Curious if anyone is using Thumbtack to get leads for wedding clients? Hearing mixed reviews about how it works for us on this side. Is anyone getting business from this? Just not sure I want to pay to submit a bid for a client unless I'll get the client at least every few times.


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    Yeah I've heard of them before, and I wouldn't recommend spending money on things like that. Take however much they'd charge, and pay yourself that much at a rate of, say, $25 / hr to invest in your own SEO growth. You'll probably get much more out of it in the long run...

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    I recently talked with an Atlanta wedding photographer who is using Thumbtack and likes it.

    He said the cost for using thumbtack was 18% of his gross wedding billings obtained through Thumbtack.

    I personally wouldn't use it or anything like it.

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