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So it's probably time to invest in a new one. I have an old, uebercheap Canon Pixma ip2600 that I bought for $29 at Walmart on a whim about 5 years ago - it's actually served me quite well, but I'm finding I need a few other features and have idly been sniffing around for a new one, particularly as a model I've considered in the past (the Epson 610 or 810) seems to be dropping in price right now.

NB I don't print often, I don't need to print large (much though I love 11x14 prints, letter/legal size is fine), and prints are likely to be for me rather than clients. I'm looking for something in the +/- $100 range.

Non-negotiable equirements:
- wireless
- able to print on CD/DVDs

"Would be nice if"....
- small footprint to fit on existing shelf
- most cost-effective inks possible (although I realise this is relative, and there really is no such thing as "cheap" inkjet ink)
- best color-management possible in this low-end price range; availability of printing profiles a nice bonus (there isn't one for my Canon that I've ever been able to find - I just kinda have to wing it with the built-in drivers)

I shoot Canon, if that matters, and my monitor calibration devices is a Spyder 4pro.

The Epson "small in one" series (as mentioned above) look like a possibility, but wondering if anybody uses them and has thoughts? Or has another comparable (inexpensive/small) line they've had good luck with?



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    I'm an Epson user and will continue to buy Epson printers when needed.

    However, Epson is more ink costly than other brands. Not so much in the
    Price or usage, but some stores give you a discount if you return the empty
    Cartridge. Never, though, if it's an Epson cartridge.

    Research the ink cost and deals available if you are not brand loyal.

    Also, I'm a believer that you get better results if you use the same brand
    Paper asthe printer brand. I use Epson paper and it is more difficult to
    Find around here. Some stores carry only hp print stock or a store brand.

    These may not be factors to you, but are worth mentioning.

    Last...never believe the Epson warning that you need a new cartridge
    For a color. You'll get many more prints on an "empty" cartridge.
    Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
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    Thanks, Tony. Anybody else?
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