Pro Concierge Support via Phone

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edited September 23, 2014 in SmugMug Pro Sales Support
Does Smugmug still offer Pro-Concierge support via Telephone, I have never had a problem in the past but, this week I hit a road block. There is no Michael Bonacore and I was given the run a round by email support saying they where busy and some BS.. Only email support for Business customers.. You broke my workflow with keywords and I was told it was my fault.. When it used to work for the past 4 years, I also have some issues with with smart gallery creation that I would like to talk to someone at SM about.. Is it that hard to reach out and talk to someone.. In the past it wasn't... Today it seems I made it onto the blacklist of some sort on SM.. I have never felt like my photo business mattered less than to smugmug than it did this week.. All I can think of is the old line I am sorry I wish I had a better answer.. At least Andy would call you and tell you that.. #FAIL
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