Mini-Challenge #193 Alternative Views - RESULTS

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Not a lot of submissions, but some good ones.

Third place:


Eric, Lots to see in this image, some of it would be in Go Figure if it wasn't a tree. All three of your images are in the pocket! :thumb

Second place:


Lots to see in this one, too. Similar to shooting walls of ice in winter. :clap

Excellent fire shot, too. Well exposed, Dave.

And the top winner:


Excellent subject. Besides the Mask, lots of figures to see in here, A veritable Hieronymus Bosch of goings on. :thumb

Nicely seen main event, though, Tatiana.

Your turn now. :D

It's been a fun challenge, even with low entries. Seems this was fairly challenging for many, or not enough time, for those of you who had to hunt up fresh images for a challenge of this sort.

Either way. Thank for the opportunity to present a challenge at all.

Good day, all.

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