Need Epson printer recommendation

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Anyone remember the old Epson R200 printer? Low price, really nice prints at home. Looking to get something like that again. Wanting to print 4x6's and 5x7's at home, sometimes an 8x10. The PictureMate is a great idea but trying to decide if its 4x6 only format is a deal break for me or not.

We already have a WorkForce 850, so we don't need a second all in one printer/scanner/copier.

Thanks for any advice.
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    Bill I picked up a second hand "old" Epson R2400 a while back for next to nothing. It may be a couple of generations older than what is on the market today new, but I LOVE THIS PRINTER.

    It will do roll paper with is fun, I have printed a couple of canvases with it that way. It will only print up to 13" wide and I can't remember just how long, maybe 50" long??? But I have never needed to print that long yet so the limitation is not a problem.

    Inks are long lasting, not the cheapest either, but long lasting.

    There are several R2400's near you too.
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