Nikon D800e, 2x batteries, just serviced, $1900 OBO

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I just got this bad boy back from Nikon today and they did a full tune-up. Focuses perfectly, even with my 85 prime. Clean sensor, all rubbers are brand new.

As much as I love this camera I feel that the D750 is better for me for what I do, my day job being wedding photojournalism and my hobby being astro-landscape timelapse. I hate to part with this champion, it has served me well.

Pictures are forthcoming but I just wanted to get a feel for interest at this price, and/or get some offers going. I'm asking $1900 shipped and PP'd, considering I just spent over $200 to have it fully serviced and Nikon service holds a 6 month warranty, I think this is a better deal than you're going to get even from a grey market D800e brand new!

I've used it for only one half of a wedding season, and when I got it there were only 3K clicks on the camera. There are the usual scratches on the very bottom, but other than that it's in perfect condition.

I'll check the current shutter count and post some pics as soon as I can.

If there's anybody out there who just bought a D750 and is thinking they need "more camera" but aren't exactly on a D810 budget, this is the camera for you! I'd love to throw in some cash for a square trade.

The camera will include two name-brand batteries, one charger, but no strap or original packaging. Actually I have a D700 strap and box if you'd like LOL.
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