Camera power supply

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Hi Guys,,am new to this site,,name is Charlie and home is Surrey BC,,am an avid DIYer and have built many items you just can buy anywhere,,doing time-lapse you have no idea how long your stay is going to be and you can't interrupt a session to change batteries,,so made up a switching PS and use an 8ah gel-cell battery,,the switching supply is all made up and all you have to do is box it and add whatever extras you want,,fuse,,on-off switch,,LED,,etc,,you must have an AC supply being that you cut and put jacks on and they come with the dummy camera battery,,if you do a search on the SWADJ3 they'll explain everything you need to know about their product,,I put mine on a small PC board being I added switches LED resistor and fuse,,set the camera output voltage pot and that was that,,used metal stand offs for the PC board and brought the negative voltage from the battery to chassis ground on the small Hammond box I used,,very simple project and the photos give full information on what I did,, ,,,just finished a DIY camera slider for time-lapse and will put it on if there's interest from other DIYers
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