Flow-Mow panner for Time-lapse

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Was looking to buy or build a panning device for TL,,Servo City had a worm gear drive device but then you have to buy a .5 RPM motor for it,,ran across a Flow-Mow panning device while searching that when wound all the way takes 2 hours to turn 360 degrees,,,2 hrs = 120 min = 7200 sec = 7200 sec / 360 degrees = 20 sec of time to turn 1 degree,,the question was would it handle the weight of a DSLR with lens,,when mine came in the mail I set it up on a tripod on our APT balcony,,wound it just for 90 degrees,,pre-focused and set the lens to MF,,left it in AV mode,,set the intervalometer for a 1 sec interval and 00 number of exposures that lets it keep shooting forever,,let the Flow-Mow start panning and turned on the intervalometer and let it control my camera,,when it got to 90 degrees turned everything off,,think I had 760 or so photos so put them in QT-pro at 30 FPS,,the panning was great but at 30 FPS seemed to be to fast action so re-did it at 15 FPS,,the action is still fast TL video but the fast action you could follow better,,and it did handle a DSLR with no problem,,the video is just a first time try out to see how smooth it rotated and if there were any bumps or shivers,,I think it was not to bad,,, http://justphotos.zenfolio.com/p692829501#h126d4314 Charlie
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