Nate & Brittany Engagement

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  • trooperstroopers Major grins Registered Users Posts: 317 Major grins
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    Sorry, but the set is average IMO. I'm not feeling the love in the set. Processing is all over the place.

    1. Awkward pose, eyes, lips. Lose the phone in guy's pocket.
    2. I like the idea but background too busy.
    3. Not a fan of these 'gimmicky' shots.
    4. My fav shot of the set but prefer different processing.
    5. Again, I like the idea (depth) but background incl red flowers don't do it for me.
    6. Feels very artificial.
    7. Not sure about tilt, and also feels very artificial.
    8. Nice but I would have had the two swap places so that he's not blocking out the light on her...but the other way around.
  • Dooginfif20Dooginfif20 Major grins Registered Users Posts: 845 Major grins
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    I hate to say it but I second what troopers said. These all seem awkward and forced. For me the processing is all over the place and not consistent.
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    I'd say not bad, in fact quite good by most customer's standards, even though they may not meet the standards of some more experienced portrait photographers out there.

    The main thing is to just work on relaxed posing, and looking for ways to keep your subjects looking natural yet well-posed. It's not easy, it takes hundreds of practice sessions IMO to really get it down, so keep it up!

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