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TEAM PORTRAIT: adding team name + 2014-15; these will be produced usually as 5x7, 8x10s and then I do one 30x40.

First of all I do everything in LR, Photoshop & Illustrator.

The way I did this in the Past was create a graphic and turn it into a watermark that I add as and export as a watermark in LIGHTROOM.

I have also created the text as text in PS ON the image.

Tonight I tried to do this in Illustrator: made some text, converted to a vector graphics ( expand) and then opened the.png in PS but the thing was way way too small and when I scaled it it didn't behave like a vector graphic.

QUESTION: what is the best way to add text to an image that I can enlarge?

ALSO-the watermark I create in Lightroom is OKAY but looses substance when enlarged?

Any ideas?


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    Assuming that you truly have vector graphics to start with, scale the vector image in Illustrator to the different sizes needed and "Export" as a bitmap PNG file in each required size.

    Alternately, use Illustrator and export a bitmap to the "largest" size required, but scale the bitmap down to the "desired" size in each image in LR/PS. Scaling large bitmaps to small bitmaps works rather well, especially if you use bicubic resampling plus sharpening. (You should be able to build automation to perform the task in LR/PS.)
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