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In an effort to consolidate the number of places to view and submit Feature Requests, we will be consolidating and moving to the official SmugMug Feature Request page (also known as "UserVoice"). Our Support Heroes will be referring people to the UserVoice and our Product Team will be moderating, merging, and responding to discussion there.

Please visit to submit and rate your feature requests.

We've had a number of great discussions here on DGrin but going forward UserVoice will be the place to continue having those discussions.

For those that are curious why I'm moving discussion away from DGrin:
1) It's confusing to have multiple places to post Feature Requests. UserVoice will be the place!
2) It's easier to search and vote on UserVoice than to scroll through pages of posts here on DGrin.
3) It's easier to vote on UserVoice than here.
4) Using the point system on UserVoice gives us better data on what features you really want. Seeing an item getting 3 votes per customer, for example, tells us something else about the request!
5) UserVoice makes it easier to see archived ideas. Ideas that are implemented, closed, or discussed are easier to find than here on DGrin.

I know there are some concerns with UserVoice that I will also try to address:
a) "There are a lot of duplicate suggestions on UserVoice and it's hard to figure out which to vote on."
We agree this is confusing and we're actively trying to go through UserVoice and merge similar suggestions to be simpler to find.

b) "DGrin has been a great place to have discussions on feature requests."
UserVoice allows commenting and we can have similar discussions there.

c) "This suggestion has been open for <X> years and we haven't heard anything. Please tell us something!"
We're going to do our best to have open discussion about features when we can and involve you guys in the development, similar to what we've done with the new "Add to Cart Flow".

d) "I'd love to get my points back if I knew you weren't going to implement this feature. Why can't you update the status?"
We have a number of excellent suggestions on UserVoice that we'd love to implement. We're working on a number of great things and just because we're not working on a given request right now doesn't mean that it's not something we'd like to work on in the future. For this reason we leave these really great requests open with no status.

Please keep the amazing ideas coming over on our UserVoice. We love to hear them!
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