How is smugmug lightroom sync supposed to work?

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In another forum I'd commented that what I really wanted was a way to sync changes made on Smugmug back down to Lightroom.

Aaron from Smugmug replied "If you're sync'ing/publishing with LR/SM then any changes in SM should be sync'd down to LR."

This has not been my experience. It's only one way, and, thank goodness, not destructively.

This screen shot, with the edge of LR on the left and SM on the right shows what happens after doing a publish action on LR. The caption on SM is still there, but I hadn't put one in LR and it wasn't replaced by the one on SM. The two keywords in LR are still there, but did not get joined by the additional keywords I'd applied on SM
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    Hey Brandon,

    So, changes made to keywords and captions inside SmugMug are not going to move back over to Lightroom. That's a one way street. If you add keywords and captions inside Lightroom and sync with SmugMug that new information will go up. Any changes to the image itself inside Lightroom will be updated on SmugMug if you Sync.

    I hope this helps clear things up.

    If you need anything else feel free to email us over at the SmugMug help desk [email protected]

    Have a wonderful holiday season Brandon :D

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    My apologies for passing along the wrong information synature! On the bright side I won't be making that error again!
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    I've been working on bi-directional syncing of image metadata through the "Image Sync" functionality...but it's currently on the back burner while I'm working on some integration with some upcoming site features.


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