Visiting the Ancients, Bristlecone pine forest

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These have been the most popular post on my blog this year so I thought I'd share here :)

IMG_2105-L.jpgBristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva)

Heading South from Greenville we took the Eastern route along 395 because my dad had expressed a desire to visit the ancient bristle cone pine forest. Since this was a great spot for some pictures I was enthusiastic about taking this route. We drove down towards Bishop where we spent the night, but on the way we made a couple of stops. First up we attempted to go to Bodie, but a huge fire in the area thwarted our attempt.
IMG_1777-L.jpgsmoke on the horizon

So we continued on to Mono lake where we watched a storm heading our way
IMG_1799-M.jpgmono lake

and saw a couple deer

IMG_1835-M.jpgIncoming rain storm

So after stopping for the night it was up early in the morning to head up to the Bristlecone forest.
IMG_1871-L.jpgroad up to the Bristlecone forest

After a brief stop at the visitor center I spotted a sign pointing to a trail to the Methusela tree so off I went. I probably should have read the trail description first. It was a 5 mile hike and at 11,000 feet that was quiet a hike! My Dad followed me and by the time we got back to the car we were both a little out of breath.
IMG_1966-L.jpgDad at the top

IMG_1998-L.jpgbristlecone forest

IMG_2080-L.jpgbristlecone forest

After the mornings hike we stopped for lunch then it was on to Manzanar. I already wrote about this important site of a sad part of U.S history earlier but my Mom and Dad hadn’t been there so it was worth another visit.
IMG_2205-M.jpgold koi pond, Manzanar

IMG_2213-M.jpgview from Manzanar

Next up was a quick stop to walk around the other worldly landscape formed by lava flows at fossil falls.
IMG_2265-M.jpglava at Fossil falls

Then it was time to head home, another great trip.
IMG_2291-L.jpgsunset on the high desert
IMG_2269-L.jpgUFO(cloud) spotted at sunset :)


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    Best part of the Eastern Sierra. Especially, the ABPF!
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    Nice Capt, thanks for posting... enjoyed the journey
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