Godox cheap PW Replacements, some caution with use..

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Cells II-C 1/8000 Transceiver

I picked up 6 of these to see if they would be good replacements for pocket wizards. No cables to screw around with, just put the flash on there, maybe connect a battery pack and I'm done.

Last night I'm shooting a basketball tournament and using those as not only receivers but also a transmitter. I keep getting 1 flashe and then a second with a band down the edge which told me I wasn't getting a full flash (with the flash set to 1/8 power connected to a Lithium battery pack.) So at the end of the game got up and shot directly into the flash to see what I was getting and I'd get 1 full flash, followed by an 80% flash (which explained the dark border down the side of my images.)

So I got home, put the flash on camera and it kept going as long as I held the shutter down. Annoyance! So I pulled out another transmitter compatible with the system, this one is for setting remotely the power of GODOX flashes that use a lithium pack vs AA batteries. Throw it on the camera, put the 1/8000 transceiver on the flash and it goes as long as I keep my finger on the trigger!

So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative (with no wires) to PW, for $30 those transceivers are nice, but only use them as a transmitter if you are shooting outside and need a sync higher than 1/8000. If you don't need a 1/8000 sync and want high fps shooting, use this as the transmitter:


I should mention this is for Canon users only. I think there might be Cells II-N transceivers for Nikon, but not sure.
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