Archery in Winter Wonderland

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Right about now, with less than 6 hours of light per day, and cold and 3-4 months of the same still on the calendar, I welcome every break from the indoor game with open arms.

It's still quite rare to able to go shooting outdoors, in December, in Finland - and most of my friends think I'm :crazyfor doing it. Me.. winter wonderland conditions, minimal wind, only 3 degrees in the freezing - shooting weather!

So this was my Boxing day :D


Shooting the usual 70 meter distance.

The obligatory group shot.

The kit started to get a bit frosty, but it was working well regardless.

The scope however was losing image quality, contrast and sharpness for some reason...

Cheers, I hope you like the pictures!
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    Cool stuff. Love 1 and 3. I would probably do something on the first one to create a bit of contrast between bow and's a bit difficult to make out.
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