Affordable Gimbal Head

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If anyone is looking for an affordable gimbal head for their tripod, check this out before spending the big bucks!
This looks exactly like the Wimberly head that sells for $594.90 except this one has one added feature. The section where the camera/lens attaches to it can be adjusted up or down the vertical rotating arm. This will save you $515.00, which could be used other needed gear! :barb


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    Whilst I've never used either, I think you'll find that the full Wimberley head also has vertical adjustment.
    I suspect there are other differences - eg bearing quality / type and behaviour when used ?

    I've also seen a review of a less expensive Gimbal where the reviewer (who normally uses a video fluid head) actually preferred the cheaper product over the Wimberley because it provided a more 'fluid head like experience' rather than the completely smooth and free action of the Wimberley.

    Each to their own, of course ...

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