Interesting take on the future of photography

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    Most of the comments now think the examples shown are a complete joke. And, honestly, I happen to think they're correct in that assessment. Really, the majority of those are horribly bad.
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    Agreed David, not sure about Foam's vision or taste. When we were in Amsterdam back in October I was excited to go to Foam at first, but upon seeing their exhibits at the time I chose to spend my time elsewhere. I'm all about many different styles of photography and can appreciate those that don't suit my taste. But you're right about many of these selections, they are just bad.
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    Most of the comments now think the examples shown are a complete joke. And, honestly, I happen to think they're correct in that assessment. Really, the majority of those are horribly bad.

    I only briefly looked at those. But I'd just like to add there's a changing expectation in photography. People who can only produce an Instagram like filtered image-every one looks exactly the same. They sometimes refer to it as "their style". As a result, every image they shoot looks like shit (sorry). Instagram is full of these-and they have followers....and customers. Seriously. Many produce average product at best-crap composition, crap focus, and crap 'filters'.

    But people are happy with that.
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    I'm glad I'm old...if that's the future of photography I'll continue living in the past. Most of those were crap that was worse than a high school photo 1 class would produce.
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    31 Photographs That Will Show You The Future of Photography


    Interesting photos. Some better than others.

    Lots of online critics. Here is what they say about my work...

    "I don't like color."
    "I don't like BW."
    "I don't like HDR."
    "I don't selective color."
    "I don't like diffusion."
    "I don't like Hyper-Real HDR, it is too cartoonish."
    "Your photos are too contrasty."
    "Your photos are too grainy."
    "Why don't you take pictures of something pretty like flowers or a sunset instead of those ugly things."
    "Your trying to make something out of nothing."
    "Your photos are too sensational."
    "Don't photograph the homeless."
    "Don't photograph kids without their parents' permission."
    "I find photos of people boring."
    "Your not a very good photographer."
    "Your exploiting the homeless."
    "Your photo doesn’t work for me."
    "I don't like flower photographs they are boring."
    "What were you trying to say?"
    "Digital photography is not real photography."
    "I find it disturbing you think your work is museum worthy."
    "It is over processed."
    "Don't take pictures of people in public without their permission."
    "Don't photograph anorexics."
    "Cover up her breasts."
    "Your photos are staged."
    "I don't like your photo because it leaves nothing for the imagination."
    “Never crop your photos. If you have to crop a photo it wasn’t meant to be taken.”
    "Your disgusting."
    "Your photography is vernacular."
    "You should trash that photo."
    "I don't like fisheye photos."
    “Don’t shoot digital, shoot film, digital is no good.”
    "Don't send unsolicited photos to museums."
    "She (the person in the photo) is a drunk…she is fat…she is an attention whore…she needs to go to the gym…she is trailer trash."
    "Your self-centered"
    'Your self-absorbed"
    'Your inconsiderate"
    "I don't like wide-angle distortion."
    "Your a phony...your all don't know how to take photographs." (When I don’t send in any photos to the photo forums.)
    "Your a troll...your looking for attention...your trying to boost your website traffic...your an egomaniac." (When I do send in photos to the photo forums.)
    “I’d never shoot digital. If and when film becomes unavailable I will give up photography.”
    "Your goofy"
    "I think somebody should tell you: your shots are very boring, nothing is happening there, just very normal snapshots, and you are trying to make them look interesting by shooting with a wide angle and HDR...they are all trash."
    "It looks horrible."
    "It's a hack composite, looks like it was done for some Sunday paper magazine."
    "It looks like the view through the bottom of my shot glass after my fourth tequila at Cozumel."
    "15 seconds of my life I will never get back. What a waste."

    Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. When it comes to can never argue taste - there is no right or wrong. But whenever the topic of 'opinion' comes up I must recount what Clint Eastwood's 'Dirty Harry' character once said...

    "Opinions are like assholes...everyone's got one."

    As an artist, you first must master the basics. Once you are comfortable with your skill set, you have to become comfortable with your own style and learn to trust your own instincts. If you can't trust your own instincts, then you must follow the critics and do your art for the critics and not for yourself. work is in 89 museums and public collections round the world.
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