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Looks like I may be going to Scotts, Michigan (just south of Grand Rapids) in July...

What's there to shoot....? Anyone?

Lee Wiren


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    Journey up to the Traverse City and Leelanau pensinula area - plenty there - lakes, sand dunes, wineries, small towns, etc...
    I have a blog article and pictures about the area.

    questions give me a holler - jerry
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    Hi - simply looking for fellow Michigan photographers. Feel free to apply to this thread or private message me.
    Looking for your suggestions of favorite places in Michigan for photo shoots....

    thanks - jerry
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    Hi Wiren,
    Looks like you won't be too far from Kalamazoo, there's lots in that little area of MI. Kalamazoo has a very nice air museum called the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, lots to see there if you enjoy aviation. Downtown Kalamazoo is quite beautiful and has a quaint park with water fountains, and a neat library. South Haven is about 40min west of Kzoo, and has a nice village charm and a lighthouse on Lake Michigan nearby with a marina that sometimes has neat boats. With any luck you'll get to see some neat summer storms, and the farms in the nearby area makes them easier to see. Muskegon and Ludington are also neat lake shore towns, but are a bit of a drive northwest; Holland has a working windmill and a dutch museum, but is probably view best in May when the tulips are in bloom.

    Hi Jerryr,
    I no longer live in Michigan, but still consider myself a Michigander. :P
    Places in MI I love to see and visit: Kensington Metro Park, Depot town, Tahquamenon falls, Mackinac Island, and the Hot Balloon festival in Howell. Of course the places above are nice too. ;)

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